November 2017 Newsletter


Realizing My Son’s College Basketball Dreams

When my youngest son, Mason, was 10 years old, he informed me that one day he was going to play college basketball. He’d always been a passionate little kid, especially out there on the court, so I resolved to do anything I could to ... CONTINUE READING


Eliminate Hand and Wrist Pain

Our hands are of the most important tools we use in our daily life. Whether you’re typing emails for work, making a 3–foot putt, or driving the car to your extended family’s home for Thanksgiving, functioning hands are vital for the average person’s ... CONTINUE READING


The ‘First Thanksgiving’ of Texas

Everyone has heard the story of the English Protestants breaking bread with the Wampanoag tribe in Plymouth back in 1621, but Spanish explorers celebrated a different kind of Thanksgiving, right here in El Paso, over 20 years prior to the landing of the ... CONTINUE READING

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