November 2018 Newsletter

Father and son

How Do You Measure Success?

If Mary hadn't happened to call our youngest son, Mason, one September night, we might not have known about one of the coolest things he's ever done — but that makes me almost prouder of him ... CONTINUE READING

Adam Vargas

Meet Adam Vargas, PT, DPT

Like many other physical therapists, Adam Vargas was inspired to pursue a career in the field because of his own experience as a patient. An accident left Vargas with lingering knee and shoulder issues, and to this day, he remembers the frustration he felt with himself and the inability to do what he was once able to do. Thankfully, he had a physical therapist to help him, and ... CONTINUE READING

A Magical Cirque Christmas

El Paso Happenings

Experience the Christmas version of the high-flying tricks and antics of Cirque de Soleil, right here in El Paso. Audiences will experience magic, misdirection, and unbelievable tricks, all with a special seasonal twist guaranteed to put you in the holiday mood. This touring show will only be in El Paso for one night, so don't miss your opportunity to see Vegas-style showmanship without ever leaving Texas ... CONTINUE READING

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